How to use Rygel to share video and play it back in Totem

In my first OPW progress report I mentioned that I used XBMC player to play back the multimedia files by Rygel. Zeeshan asked if I could use a GNOME DLNA player. Actually I had tried Totem player with Coherence plugin but failed. In the age of GNOME 3, the Coherence plugin is probably obsolete and doesn’t work anymore (no wonder that Totem plugin package in Ubuntu 12.04 didn’t include the Coherence plugin). That was the reason I switched to use non-GNOME apps like XBMC and eezUPnP. But recently I found out there is a GNOME project Grilo that can make Totem work. And I had a feeling that Grilo is gonna replace Coherence as the primary UPnP plugin for Totem. By checking out the git source of Totem, under the plugins directory, there is no more coherence_upnp. Grilo plugin first appeared in Totem 3.2.0 which means that you probably can’t install Grilo plugin for Totem by running ‘apt install’ in Ubuntu 12.04. Therefore I downloaded the latest source release of Totem (3.4.3), compiled and installed it. It ran great on my machine. The following screenshot shows how it looks like:

Use Grilo plugin for Totem to browse the media files shared through Rygel


One thought on “How to use Rygel to share video and play it back in Totem

  1. This grilo-based totem happened a very long time ago and coherence has been dead for a while as well. I suggest using a distro that ships latest GNOME or make use of jhbuild to build all gnome software from latest git master/releases.

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