GNOME OPW Bi-weekly progress report

The past two weeks were very productive. After the first two weeks of take-off stage, I felt much better working on the code. I have gained a great amount of hands-on experiences from networking protocols to code debugging and git use. My major progress was about the library gssdp. Specifically, I have submitted bug 678744 and bug 678660. The bug 678744 was tracked down by using clang. I really like clang‘s colorful outputs and strict syntax check. The bug 678660 is about to use the newly introduced multicast functions in glib-2.32 to replace the gssdp’s own in-house counterparts. The good thing about these new functions is that the support of ipv6. gssdp doesn’t support ipv6 by now, so I hope my work can realize that which evetually will fix another bug.

Another thing worth mentioning is that I noticed that make check would fail if you were running VPN client on your host. For the coming weeks I’m looking forward to fixing more bugs.


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